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Adhesive SUPERDRY 6.5ml

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▪️Adhesive Superdry▪️

It’s purpose is to accelerate adhesive setting time, the difference between your regular speed up solution and Adhesive Superdry is that it not only accelerates the setting speed but it turns ANY adhesive (no matter the original setting time or air humidity) into contact (meaning 0.5-1sec curing) adhesive 😁 So you can work in 15% humidity without having to struggle with adhesive curing 😉

▪️The other major difference is that regular speed up solutions have quite a lot of alcohol in them meaning they make adhesive more porous (=adhesive emits more vapours so more irritating for the client). Superdry was developed on the basis of our Superbonder so it has the opposite effect on the glue - it starts bonding adhesive vapours upon contact (=adhesive becomes less fumey already during application).


▪️Packaged in 6.5ml tube▪️

How to use: apply a small amount of Superdry onto lash extensions while they are still on the strip to make any adhesive cure instantly. Re-apply when you feel that adhesive curing has lowed down again. Works with all lash adhesives.

For Trade Use ONLY